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Expert electrolysis and skin treatments 

Are you looking for a salon that offers electrolysis permanent hair removal and treatment of skin lesions? Visit The Beauty Specialists in Haslemere, Surrey. To book an appointment, get in touch with our qualified skin therapists.

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Here at The Beauty Specialists we are members of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis and have over 40 years' experience in remedial electrolysis and the treatment of skin lesions. Electrolysis is effective on both small and large areas and you can rely on us, as we have in-depth knowledge of the science of hair growth. Before commencing any sort of beauty treatment, an initial analysis and diagnosis is a must. Get in touch or visit us in Haslemere, Surrey for a free consultation and we will provide you with all the information on our treatments.
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Electrolysis is used to treat:

  • Permanent hair removal on face and body.
  • Skin tags - commonly found on the neck, underarm and groin area
  • Moles
  • Telangiectasia - also called broken veins, thread veins and red veins
  • Blood spots - also called Campbell De Morgan spots or Cherry Angioma
  • Warts and verrucae
  • Age spots - commonly found on the face and hands
  • Milia - small, hard, pearl-like spots often found around the eyes
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia -sebaceous glands which have become enlarged
  • Seborrhoeic warts - harmless growths which often appear later in life
  • Syringoma - benign bumps usually found around the eyes, deriving from the sweat glands 
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As an experienced BIAE member with over 40 years experience we offer advanced treatments to remove a variety of skin lesions and skin blemishes. These treatments generally require only 1-2 appointments and we offer a free with out obligation consultation. You can be confident that you are being treated by an expert in this field. 
A free private consultation without obligation will be necessary prior to the treatment.

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